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Private Snowmobile Tours

All Our Sleds Are New Model Polaris Lxt 550’S, Equipped With Hand Warmers, Reverse And Electric Start.

Quick Details

1HR - Per snowmobile Ages 18+ | Must hold valid driver's license
2HR - Per snowmobile Ages 18+ | Must hold valid driver's license
3HR - Per snowmobile Ages 18+ | Must hold valid driver's license
6HR - Per snowmobile Ages 18+ | Must hold valid driver's license

Exclusive & Private Snowmobile Tours

This tour is the perfect option if you are looking for a premium and private outdoor snowmobile adventure. Our tour guides are locals with a vast knowledge of the area and a passion for snowmobiling. 

Since this tour is private it can be completely customized to take you where you want to go (providing it’s within the allotted time frame and is safe passage) and the best part is, the pace is set by your group.

Top-Of-The-Line Snowmobiles

Our sleds are all-new model Polaris 550 LXT 2-up machines equipped with hand warmers, electric start, and reverse. These machines are powerful, perfect for outdoor adventuring and guaranteed to impress!

What’s Included In Your Snowmobile Rental?

Friendly guide


Helmets, coats, pants and boots (if needed)

What To Bring For Your Snowmobile Tour?

Driver’s license (Drivers must be 18+ with a valid driver’s licence)

Warm clothes

Available For Purchase

Balaclava face mask


Hot Shot hand warmers (one-time use)

1-3 Hour Private Snowmobile Tours Ontario 

Are you looking for an adventure you won’t soon forget? This is the perfect snowmobile tour for you and your group. Get the attention you deserve with our fully private snowmobile adventure tours. Choose between 1, 2 and 3 hour options. 

6-Hour Private Snowmobile Tours Ontario

This all-day snowmobile trip (6 hours) is exceptional and allows your group to really explore the area. It is best for intermediate to pro riders. Tour begins at 10:30am and returns at 4:30pm.

This tour can include a stop for food at a local restaurant or at a private cottage (food costs are additional).

Pricing For Snowmobile Rentals 

(Fee is set to minimum of 5 sleds per tour, and a maximum of 10 snowmobiles. You may book with less than 5 drivers, however pricing remains set to the same amount of the minimum of 5)

Minimum Tour Fee:

1hr – $995 (minimum tour fee)

2h – $1495 (minimum tour fee)

3hr – $1995 (minimum tour fee)

6hr – $3495 (minimum tour fee)

5 Drivers or more (18+, with a valid driver’s licence): 

1hr – $199, per sled 

2hr – $299, per sled 

3hr – $399, per sled 

6hr – $699, per sled 

Passengers (Ages 8+):

1hr – $50

2hr – $75

3hr – $100

6hr – $150

Child Passengers (Ages 3-7 | 1-3 hr Tours Only):


Please Note

A $1000 credit card hold per sled will be required for this tour. The hold will be removed once the snowmobile is returned without any damages.

Fee – Minimum of 5 sleds (may book with less than 5, however, the minimum fee remains the same)

Drivers and passengers MAY NOT switch, even if both have valid driver’s licences. If wish to drive, please ensure to book your own sled. Passengers must remain passengers for the entire duration. All drivers must be 18 years of age with a valid Driver’s Licence.